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Roi is a well-rounded executive with more than 20 years of senior management responsibility in the television industry. His skills encompass all areas of general management, with particular emphasis on technology, strategic planning, and product marketing.

Currently Roi is CEO of Vertigo Multimedia, a world leading technology development and interactive production company specializing in the design and implementation of content automation systems for all types of live broadcast productions. Prior to then Roi served as Executive Vice-President and CTO for Chyron Corporation. In that role he was Responsible for strategic planning, business development, and product planning–overseeing the activities of three engineering groups and product marketing. He also:

  • Led the acquisition of Pro-Bel Ltd in 1996, as part of an effort to grow the company. Established a start-up sales and marketing organization for Pro-Bel products (audio and video routers and automation software) in the U.S. and grew annual revenues from less than $1M to more than $12M within 2 years.
  • Developed the strategy and technical architecture for a complete overhaul of Chyron’s graphics product line. This resulted in a revitalization of current products and the introduction of a new product platform. This new platform is the first of its kind to address broadcast quality graphics and effects for High Definition Television production. It is also well positioned to address new opportunities in enhanced television (interactive and internet apps).

Roi has also functioned as the President of Quanta Graphics–a part of Dynatech Video Group–where he:

  • Led the introduction of the industry’s first commercial spot playback system based on disk technology (used to automate the playback of commercials on-air).
  • Developed the strategies and business tactics to consolidate five independent operating units and return the group to profitability.

From the early ‘70s through the early ‘90s he held positions at Chyron ranging from engineer to Vice President in both the engineering and marketing arenas. Roi holds many patents in the area of television graphics, and won a Technical Emmy in in "Outstanding Achievement in Technological Development."

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