On Air On Line

is a unique group of creative professionals focused on the delivery of platform agnostic rich media for Convergence-Casting. On Air On Line is the place where artistic creation and technological innovation seamlessly blend into rich media content for a broad range of viewer and interactive user demographics.

As technology enables a broader range of consumer options for information and entertainment delivery, the Internet is becoming the medium of choice. As broadband availability increases and cost decreases more and more people will be using the Internet as their preferred path for interactive entertainment. Due to current bandwidth and processing limitations, the viewing area (footprint) of streamed video is limited. Available content is comprised predominantly of reformatted film and TV product. Unfortunately, both are created for significantly different viewing experiences and seldom retain their artistic impact or viewer interest. We have been learning that this new format requires different production design, and demands that content be developed in ways that enhance the viewing experience.

On Air On Line's key personnel have been involved in both traditional and new media production and graphic design for over two decades. For the last several years our focus has been on development and production of internally and client created content specifically for this new convergence media. ConvergenceCasting demands that all content be suitable and entertaining for viewers/users on all existing platforms. This pertains to the primary content, and to the advertising. On Air On Line is pioneering the "webmercial" which moves advertiser/sponsor messages into the content–eliminating pods of pure commercial content. This requires On Air On Line work directly with advertisers and their agencies to create messaging aligned with the advertisers’ corporate identity and values.

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