Founder, President, and Director of Creative & Business Development

In 1999, Linda Rheinstein, a Five Time Emmy Award winning producer, founded On Air On Line; a company focusing on integrating traditional on-air broadcasting with emerging on-line, anywhere, anytime, components and technology: "Convergence Casting". On Air On Line combines experience with vision and creativity to bring to life the power of the two, beginning with clients such as, Sportvision, NFL, CBS Sports, Intel, now the XFL and Broadband

Prior to On Air On Line, Linda founded Autographics in 1979 as a dedicated supplier of on-air, on site graphic equipment rentals. The company's credits include The Academy Awards, Super Bowls, Olympics, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and The American Music Awards.

Concurrent with Autographics' ongoing operations, Ms. Rheinstein also served as Executive Producer for The Post Group (1985 to 1993), where she assembled the team and technology to build the post-production facility's first Digital Graphics and Special Effects Center. In 1986 Autographics and The Post Group partnered in founding Electric Paint, one of the first digital original design and production companies for high resolution still imagery (Key Art movie posters for feature films, etc.) Using the natural synergy's garnered from her alliances with Autographics, The Post Group and Electric Paint, she expanded into the world of interactive multimedia development and production.

In 1994 Autographics began providing full services to the emerging interactive platforms including graphics design, consultation, production, post-production, content development and education. Credits include Paramount Television's "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager," Warner Brothers' DVD Production of 15 separate titles, Intuit's "On Line Banking" Sony Pictures/Sony Transcom's "Interactive Airplane Seats", Hewlett Packard and TVGuide "Set Top Box╣s".

Ms. Rheinstein is an active participant in the educational associations serving the American Film Institute, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, IICS, US FIRST and Anonymous






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